Mater Virtual Academy combines generations of successful and effective teaching practices with the technological possibilities of the generations still to come.

At Mater Virtual, we embody the delicate balance of providing students with the content knowledge necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy, with the motivation essential for inspiring them to believe in themselves, and with an overall educational experience that promotes a sense of responsibility, dedication, and empowerment.


Our experienced and high-qualified faculty members work closely with our motivational academic coaches to ensure that each student's model for learning is designed to best engage their intellects and invigorate their imaginations. Working together with students throughout the United States as well as Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean, our students are not only given opportunities to become more self-directed learners but to learn the essential skills of perspective-taking, collaboration, and teamwork. 
Through innovative instructional methods and a problem-posing orientation to learning, students are challenged to think critically about complex concepts and apply solutions to every-day, life situations. 
From that vantage point, we cease to be JUST a virtual school and instead become a school of possibility.

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